Privacy Policy

We use e-mail address information only to send, confirm, change, monitor, inform and resolve problems revolved around Trinity Mount Carmel and it's newsletter publications. We may also use the information to develop informational studies surrounding Trinity Mount Carmel. We do not provide personal identifying information to third parties for the marketing of their products and services without your consent. We may also provide the information, where permitted or required by law, in order to enforce our rights or protect our property, as well as comply with court orders, subpoenas or other legal or regulatory requirements. We, or a third party acting on our behalf, may use "cookies" and "Web beacons" to tailor and improve the Web content we deliver to you. We may publish Subscribers names, e-mail addresses in Trinity Mount Carmel directories for future member directories.

When using photos of Trinity events, members, etc online, either directly on the website or in our photo albums we use the following guidelines. Photos on our site is a privilege for us, and we intend to respect and honor it.

-Photos are almost always of people in public spaces, at public events.
1. We try not to post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in the photo. If we know someone is shy about such things, we will ask them before posting the photo.
2. Applying other parts of our general privacy policy, we don't put full names of children or youth as captions with photos.
3. We will gladly remove any photo immediately upon request

We have several basic groups of people that might be listed or referred to; staff, adult members, youth and missionaries. Information of concern includes names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and photos. Home addresses are never posted in general access areas.

1. For staff, we list names, e-mail addresses (usually office e-mails), and office phone numbers. No home phones, etc. It is important that people be able to contact the staff and that access is all through the office.

2. For adult members, we often list names when they are a contact for some group or activity that we are covering on the website. We do not list e-mail addresses unless they have specifically given permission (they often ask us). We do not list phone numbers. It is assumed that other members have the church directory or can call the office for phone numbers.

3. For youth and children, we generally do not list full names. We also do not list e-mail addresses or phone numbers. This is more to protect them from the more dangerous types of people that can and do use the net to contact and take advantage of young people.



Trinity Poll Question

Poll Question
Why do you think most people donít attend Church?
Afraid of being judged by members. 92.8%
Too many rules for their lifestyle. 4.6%
Cant pay tithes anymore. 1.8%
Had a big argument with another member. 0.9%

Total votes: 1249

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